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Espresso Blend

Harar & Sidamo Heirloom
Bold flavors. Candied ginger, cocoa, blackberry tart.

About This Coffee:

Our espresso blend has a heavy body with rich notes of cocoa and candied ginger, with a dark fruit finish. This espresso blend consists of two direct-sourced coffees - a lowland natural sun-dried Harar, and a highland washed Sidamo. The brightness of the highland coffee compliments the winey earthiness of the lowland coffee, making for an unforgettable espresso.

  • Medium Roast
  • Ethiopian Blend
  • Grown 1200-2100 meters above sea level

What Makes This Coffee Different?

This is the exact blend we serve at our cafes — we figure if it’s good enough for our stores, it’s just as good for your home.

Try It Our Way

Here are our two preferred ways to pull Espresso Blend shots (we use a La Marzocco Linea PB with a Mahlkonig K30 grinder). Don’t hesitate to make adjustments to dial in to your taste — every machine is different!:

• 15.5 grams in / 37.4 grams out / 27-29 seconds
• 18 grams in / 32 grams out / 30-32 seconds

Process: Washed
Variety: Heirloom
Region: Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Limu
Elevation: 1600 - 2250 masl

Photo Credits: Drago Tomianovic, Anne Kim, Lisa Gerben
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This direct sourced coffee is a crowd pleaser with notes of butter croissant, ginger snap and faint strawberry. The Kedir Hassen Sibu washing stations have been family owned and operated for over 20 years.

The washing stations are tucked into the mountainside and only accessible by dirt road. They are pillars of the community and in both Sidamo and Guji, have built primary schools educating 300 students in grades 1-4, provide on and off-site medical care to employees, extend micro loans during the off season, and employs 115-120 women and 45-50 men.






Harar & Sidamo