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Mothers Day Box Set

We partnered up with some of our favorite local small businesses to share the love for some of our local products that we just can’t get enough of and to create an immersive gifting experience that feels as luxurious as it does personal. 

This set includes the best of three RĀKO direct-sourced coffees, ideally combined with a sweet treat and a handmade candle to create the ideal setting to share a special moment together:

  • 1 x Txol Witz RĀKO Coffee (100g / 8 oz)
  • 1 x Miramundo RĀKO Coffee (100g / 8 oz)
  • 1 x Limu RĀKO Coffee (100g / 8 oz)
  • 1 x Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate bar from Harper Macaw
  • 1 x Handcrafted soy candle from Poze Candle Co



As we designed this set, we wanted to emphasize the value of our relationships with our coffee farmers at origin. Our (blank gift set) consists of exclusively direct source coffees from Guatemala and Ethiopia.

Txol Witz 

Based in Guatemala, more than 45 small producers work on the Txol Witz project to bring us this direct sourced, top class coffee, with balancing flavor notes of bright sweet orange blossom, berry jam aroma, and baking spice that make a perfect cup.


Javier Fernández’s “Miramundo” farm is located in Pueblo Nuevo Viñas, Santa Rosa. Overseen by farm manager Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora, this coffee is a blend of Caturra, Catuaí, and Bourbon varieties. Miramundo is approachable, with a toffee-like sweetness, hints of lemon, and a delicious nutty finish that we have all come to expect from Guatemalan coffee. 


Our Limu coffee comes from a direct trade farm and washing station owned and operated by two brothers, Mussa and Mustafa Aba Luleesa. These companion planted, shade grown coffee farms have been in their family for generations and together the brothers keep tradition alive with their distinct single origin Limu coffees. Natural Limu is smooth and rich with no sharp edges, with notes of graham cracker, butterscotch, and a lingering pomegranate finish.


Harper Macaw 

More than just an indulgence, Harper Macaw believes chocolate in its finest form is an edible work of art. Meticulously crafted in Washington D.C, Harper Macaw chocolate is imbued with a distinctive Brazilian flavor profile and has a mission of turning chocolate into a force for rainforest conservation. Each and every one of their products restores and protects vulnerable rainforests in northeast Brazil.

Poze Candle Co 

Pozē Candle Co. is devoted to creating luxury candles with premium soy wax and wooden wicks. Our candles offer a clean, healthy burn and enticing crackling effect. Handcrafted blends of carefully curated essential and fragrant oils add warmth, character, and a bit of mystery to your treasured spaces.



*Fresh Roses Not Included

Photo Credits: Drago Tomianovic



This direct sourced coffee is a crowd pleaser with notes of butter croissant, ginger snap and faint strawberry. The Kedir Hassen Sibu washing stations have been family owned and operated for over 20 years.

The washing stations are tucked into the mountainside and only accessible by dirt road. They are pillars of the community and in both Sidamo and Guji, have built primary schools educating 300 students in grades 1-4, provide on and off-site medical care to employees, extend micro loans during the off season, and employs 115-120 women and 45-50 men.