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Espresso Blend - Ethiopia

Candied Ginger - Cocoa - Blackberry Tart

12oz, Whole Bean

About this Coffee:
Heavy body with rich notes of cocoa and candied ginger, with a dark fruit finish. This espresso blend consists of two direct sourced coffees - a lowland natural sun-dried Harar, and a highland washed Sidamo. The brightness of the highland coffee compliments the winey earthiness of the lowland coffee, making for an unforgettable espresso.

Here’s two ways we’ve been pulling our Espresso Blend shots on the La Marzocco Linea PB using a Mahlkonig K30 grinder. (of course, make adjustments/dial in to taste as every machine is different)

• 15.5 grams in / 37.4 grams out / 27-29 seconds
• 18 grams in / 32 grams out / 30-32 seconds

Photo Credits: Drago Tomianovic, Anne Kim, Lisa Gerben

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