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Our Story

RĀKO Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee collective focused on sustainably sourced single origin coffees, environmentally friendly roasting practices, and advanced brewing methods. We are a collaborative community of coffee importers, roasters, artists, and baristas who all share the constant pursuit to create the best coffee possible. RĀKO Coffee Roasters operates a state-of-the-art specialty coffee roasting facility located in Northern Virginia and we opened our first cafe in Arlington in Fall of 2021.

We develop coffees that are approachable but become increasingly complex with advanced brewing methods. Our unique roast profiles are meticulously designed to bring out the full potential of each coffee.

True to our commitment to environmentally friendly roasting practices, we roast on a Loring™ S35 Kestrel and S15 Falcon, which use 80% less fuel and emit almost no greenhouse gasses due to the smoke being incinerated before it reaches the stacks. It also roasts in a sealed low oxygen environment, which helps to preserve the flavor of the coffee as it roasts. In addition, the roasts are consistent and repeatable due to this closed environment, and are not affected by the outside weather. All these factors combine to bring you an outstanding cup of coffee.

RĀKO Origin Story

Our team is in the constant pursuit to create the best coffee possible - this ethos is embedded into RĀKO down to the very name, which translates to ‘challenge’. The roaster is named after RĀKO mountain, a soaring, solitary mountain that our team encountered after driving hours through rough terrain on one of our coffee sourcing trips in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. This experience inspired us to take on the challenge to create elevated, exceptional coffees while giving back to the communities we’re a part of both locally and globally.

Sourcing Practices

The majority of our coffees are single origin, directly imported from coffee farmers with whom we have personal friendships thanks to our team’s extensive background in international trade. The RĀKO team believes that the best way to help communities is through economic empowerment, and by importing coffee directly from the source, it allows the farmers and their communities to grow and thrive. We also work with high-quality importers who are equally committed to these guiding principles and work to improve the standard of living in coffee growing regions.